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Registration inquiry

1. The work must be original and shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of others.

2. The works shall fully consider the market value and Realizability.

3. The work should have forward-looking conceptual qualities and to a certain extent grasp the future trends of the product.

4. Works that have won awards in this competition are not allowed to participate.

5. The work must provide an A3 size layout, which requires vertical layout, color mode CMYK, format JPG, resolution of 300dpi, and size not exceeding 5M. The layout content should include three-dimensional renderings of the work, usage scenarios, and necessary structural details. The display board should be equipped with necessary descriptions of the work. Special note: Participants who enter the final evaluation must submit product physical objects, product models, or product animation videos, which will be one of the important evaluation conditions for the offline final evaluation stage (the specific delivery time will be notified by the competition official personnel through phone messages or other forms)

6. Local renderings can be added to indicate the external and local features of the designed product, as well as the selected materials and functions.

7. Design description: It should include the innovation of the work (design characteristics; application of new technologies and materials, etc.), purpose or function, and the effect achieved through use.

8. Registration channel:

Designers participating in the main competition need to log in to the competition official website to register for participation.

Designers participating in the special competition should submit their works to their email address (email: ). Work submission form: The email name is - Tianfu Baodao Industrial Design Competition+the name of the participant (organization)+the name of the work+contact phone number.

Applicants can upload their works after filling in their information